A Brief Debunking of Modern Heresies


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By Grandpa Lampshade

It’s tough being a Christian in the pro-White movement. Christians are often looked upon with suspicion and, to be honest, it’s not without reason. What masquerades now as the modern Christian church is honestly as foreign to people I consider true believers as it is to complete non-believers. Denomination doesn’t seem to matter any longer either, as virtually all denominations (with the obvious exception of the Church of Lampshade) seem to have been totally converged now by false ideology and Marxism.

When we look to see who it is that is taking money to bring foreigners into our lands, we often find the church working right alongside the Jew to help these invaders. To add insult to injury, Christians will portray what they are doing as an act of compassion and goodness rather than an act of treason. When confronted about these deeds, they will oftentimes regurgitate Bible verses justifying their treacherous acts, trying to use Jesus as an excuse for actions that have the potential to lead to the destruction of their own people. These pious liars are some of the worst of the lot; the fact that they wear the name Christian as they perform these actions blasphemes against the very Truth that they claim to represent.

The purpose of this article is not to convert anyone to Christianity. Rather, its purpose is to take some of the justifications most frequently cited by these cucks and debunk them from a pro-White Christian perspective. I have no interest in arguing religion with anyone who is not truly interested in understanding it, but I also will not stand by while these impostors defame the beliefs that myself and others hold as truth.

During the course of this article I will offend even Christian believers, as I will say things that counter what many Christians currently believe to be true. My intention here is not to stir dissension, but rather to spell out plainly why the justifications so often used by enemies proclaiming themselves to be Christians are simply false. Again, I am not trying to convert you from whatever beliefs you may have, but perhaps you can at least understand how those of us who are Christians in a pro-White movement can hold that position when there are so many proclaiming themselves to be Christians who are actively working against us. With all of that said, let’s take a look at some of these things one by one.

The Bible.

One would think that the Bible would be like a “how to” manual on Christianity. However, if that’s the case, why is it that so many people can come away with such different understandings and interpretations of it? To the Christian, the Bible is a spiritual text, meaning it has to be understood and revealed spiritually. In this section I am going to explain some things about the Bible that I have no doubt some, if not many, Christian believers will come away disagreeing with me about, probably quite passionately.

As you all know, the Bible is broken down into two main parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The focus of Christians is on the New Testament, as that is where the heart of our spiritual beliefs are. After all, it’s called Christianity, not Mosesianity. Does this mean the Old Testament is irrelevant? Not at all. I simply view it more or less as a historical perspective of how God interacts with man. Understanding this context is important as we move forward, as these heretic cucks will often switch back and forth between the Old and New Testaments searching for justification for their actions.

The Jews, God’s chosen people.

As Christians in a pro-White movement we are naturally critical of the Jew. You cannot honestly be part of a pro-White movement and at the same time ignore the role of the Jew in the destruction of our nations. The church cucks wail and gnash their teeth when we call out the Jew. They will cite the Bible, saying that God said that anyone who blesses Israel (the Jews) will be blessed by God and anyone who curses Israel (the Jews) will be cursed by God. Thus, they say we must send billions to a tiny foreign country in the Middle East. We must send our sons off to war to die for causes that gain us nothing and are fought solely for the interests of the Jew. We are apparently not supposed to point out that a foreign parasite is running our government and financial system because God will be angry with us because of an Old Testament promise.

There are those within the movement that hold the belief that it is White people who are the Jews of the Old Testament. Is this true or not? I don’t know and, to be completely honest, I really don’t care, as I find it to be largely irrelevant. Let me explain to you why: Let’s say you and I enter into a business agreement. As a part of our agreement, you agree to give me money in exchange for me carrying out certain actions. Now, throughout the duration of our agreement, I fail to carry out virtually every single thing that I agreed to do. Nonetheless, you, being the honorable person that you are, still try to stick with the letter of the agreement to the best of your ability. Things predictably deteriorate until they get to the point where we wind up in court. When we go to court, not only do I refuse to concede that I have failed to live up to my end of the agreement, but I then demand to be let out of the agreement altogether, regardless of any legal penalty, as I think that I have found someone else who will give me a better deal. We go back and forth in court, each step of the way you ask me time and again if this is really what I want to do and each time I declare loudly, “YES”. Finally, the agreement is legally dissolved. Now tell me: Are you now a liar who has gone back on your word because the agreement is no longer in effect? If you are interested in understanding this further, I suggest you study the process of the crucifixion with the question in the back of your mind as to why it was a drawn out process, what role Pilate played, and the significance of the curtain in the temple being ripped. For the purpose of our discussion here, suffice it to say that whether the Jews of the Old Testament are the same Jews of today is largely irrelevant because the old agreement is now null and void.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek but all are one in Christ (Galatians 3:28)"

If scripture verses were abused children, this one is the red headed step child of the Bible. Modern church cucks love this verse, for they believe that the Apostle Paul was proclaiming racial equality and thus importing Somalia into our nation is fine, as long as we try to teach them about Jesus. As a Christian, I would warn you to beware of cherry picked Bible verses, for the devil is usually not far behind. So how then shall we address the Apostle Paul’s declaration of racial equality here?

First, let’s take in a little more context. In the same passage, he also says that there is neither male nor female. This establishes Paul as a true progressive, someone who declared gender equality way back then! If we are to believe that the Apostle Paul was declaring gender equality when he says there is neither male nor female, how are we to square this with the fact that this same person stated that women shouldn’t be allowed to even speak in church? It’s a contradiction which is your first big red flag that you don’t understand what you are looking at.

Further deepening the context, the passage also says there is neither slave nor free, yet nowhere in the Bible does Jesus condemn slavery. Masters were encouraged to treat their slaves fairly and to not abuse them without cause, but He never said it was immoral to have them: so much for the supposed Biblical foundation for racial and gender equality.

The key part that is being ignored in this verse is “in Christ”. When you die and leave this earth - and believe me, each and every one of us will - you aren’t getting another human body. That’s why when the Sadducees asked Jesus whose wife the multiple widow would be, he rebuked them by pointing out she wouldn’t be anyone’s wife.

The Good Samaritan.

Keep in mind that the Good Samaritan never actually existed. It was simply a story Jesus told to make a point. Still, modern church cucks will point to this and foolishly compare themselves to this person who never existed and claim that they are somehow carrying out God’s wishes by importing third world desert people to their countries: people who kill the native White population and rape White daughters.

Those who use this as an excuse for working toward the destruction of their own nation and people ignore the actual story itself. Let me ask you this: In the story, did the Good Samaritan take the wounded man and his entire extended family home with him and let them take over his house? No! He had money and he took pity on the wounded man and put him up at the inn and covered the bill. That’s it.

Christian churches used to waste their time going to places like Africa thinking they were spreading the Gospel. The low IQ blacks they were preaching to could grasp little of what they were saying, but all in all it was a relatively harmless activity. However, along the way, these misguided Christians realized they were actually putting their lives on the line, and some were being killed while undertaking this pointless endeavor. So what to do? Then the answer came: take government money to import these people into your own country in order to preach the Gospel to them from the comfort of your own home on weekends! Either way, if it didn’t work out, you still got the money.

"Turn the other cheek"

Nothing sums up the modern impotence of what passes itself off as the church like the misreading of this teaching. It’s the ultimate justification for cowardice: Why, I’m not a spineless coward, I’m just turning the other cheek… it’s what Jesus wants me to do. One of the most sickening manifestations of this is when you see some White Christian family on TV whose son or daughter has been murdered by a Negro, standing in front of the camera talking about how they’ve forgiven their child’s killer and they hope the court won’t give him the death penalty. Disgusting.

So what does it mean? Let me give you an actual illustration of turning the other cheek. As Christians who are part of this pro-White movement, we are often faced with insults from those within our own movement. We are lumped in with these church cucks and told that we are no different than those people because we identify ourselves with the same name, “Christian”. This reasoning is really no different than when the media was pointing to the Jew homosexual Milo and calling him Alt-Right, then pointing to us and saying we were the same because of the label Alt-Right. If I had to count the number of times that I simply ignored these insults and didn’t take them personally for the sake of keeping our movement focused and not getting bogged down in infighting I wouldn’t actually be able to give you a number. Needless to say, it’s way more than one. Why? Because looking over an insult or slight and not taking it personally is for the betterment of a bigger cause. This, my friend, is an actual example of what turning the other cheek looks like. If the Christian nations throughout the centuries practiced the modern definition of turning the other cheek and sat on their hands while Moslem hordes swept through their lands, our people would have ceased to exist long ago.

There are of course many, many more justifications given by modern church cucks for their treasonous actions, and if I were to go through each and every one this would quickly go from being a single article to being a book. The point here isn’t to try to convince you to throw your current beliefs away and become a Christian. As I’ve stated many times before, I have no interest personally if anybody else gets saved or not. The purpose here is to perhaps shed some light on why it is that we have a strong core of Christian believers in this movement and why that’s not the contradiction that it appears to be in the face of the modern cucked entity currently masquerading as Christianity. As a pro-White Christian, I can assure you that I am not going to start advocating that we need to start going easy on these Jews, or that Pagans should be burned at the stake or something.

Hopefully this article will serve to clear up some mistrust within our own ranks and even more importantly, shine the light of truth onto these lies and heresies being spread by the modern church cucks. Whether you are a Christian, a Pagan, or an Odinist, we are all in this struggle to save our people together, and the sooner we all realize this, the better. Besides, brothers, for some of us our cheeks are starting to get kind of sore.


dr_yamak Good stuff grandpalampshade


I just want to say that I really appreciate this article. I cannot express just how disturbing it is to witness how so many white Christians are being deceived and how many churches are indoctrinated with this destructive message. One of my greatest wishes is to be a part of a church which is spiritually safe. I want to experience the joy of praising and worshiping God alongside fellow white Christians in the presence of the holy spirit in a place free from all of these impurities. Do such Churches still exist?


Guest Create a forum account today and find out :^)


I’d chat to the guys on www.faithandheritage.com


karlradl Thanks


No problem.


This more or less mirrors some of the thoughts I’ve had on the matter. I don’t care if God sent his son down to Earth in Jewish skin, that point became null and void the moment he broke covenant with the Israelites and decided that his forgiveness was to encompass everyone. I’m sure that God has his reasons for doing things the way he did- I have that faith, and for me, that is enough.

As far as Galatians 3:28 and the turning the other cheek argument, I had come to the same conclusions, although I hadn’t formerly gotten to the point of being able to translate the latter from thought to defensible position. My take-away from that is that basically Jesus isn’t telling us to put up with abuse, but simply to take the high road- Good advice for anyone, Christian or not.

As for The Good Samaritan construct, I’ve said exactly the same thing to countless people. It never ceases to amaze me how trained we’ve all been, to equate putting our people’s best interests first with a lack of compassion for others. I’m sick to death of the attempted moral manipulation, and I have no intention of allowing it back into my life on any level. (Compassion differs from pity, after all.)

I will close this out by saying that I don’t feel the Bible should ever be changed, altered, cherry-picked, or purposely taken out of context- In part because there is no need. God (through Jesus) has given us all the tools we need, and as long as we seek Him first and are able to read our Bibles with some level of intelligence and objectivity, we can debunk anything the Jews, liberals, or sheeple throw our way.


Thank you for writing this. I needed this after today.