Blood, Land, God, Gold, and Glory - By TipTipTopKek


By TipTipTopKek

You may not believe it, you may not like it, but not all conflicts between White people are Jewish wars.

Years ago, I came up with the mnemonic in the title, in order to remember a lens with which to view geopolitical conflict. It’s not popular in the bluepilled crowd because it touches on subjects discussed mainly by the redpilled. However, very few people living 70-100+ years ago would disagree with the above.

Here’s what it means, with a simple example or two for each:

Blood – these are racial conflicts, or conflicts between subraces or cultural groups. Think about the different tribes of Negroes killing each other immediately following the decolonialization of Africa.

Land – this is the term I use for the strategic importance of the location. Think “Suez Canal” and “I can’t make a profit if I have to ship my product all the way around the Horn of Africa.”

God – religious conflicts, like when some Moslems kill other Moslems because they’re Shiite and not Sunni and are therefore “apostates.” This has some obvious overlap with Blood conflicts.

Gold – I use this term for all resource wars: not just for gold, but oil, water, even arable land lacking military significance. Japan’s decision to attack the US was directly related to the oil embargo, and much of the Middle East’s politics in this last 100 years has been about oil.

Glory – this is personal power politics, although occasionally it could be about the grandeur of the State. Think “War of the Roses.”

I’ll expand on this mnemonic in future posts, and use it to examine conflicts, but for the moment I’ll return to my opening point and then wrap it up.

When I see people saying “no more brothers’ wars” I have to agree with the sentiment, primarily because I’d like to see some victory in removing non-Whites from our lands. At the same time, I realize that there’s a large amount of naiveté in this statement. Like it or not, we will always have reason for conflict.

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