Charlottesville and the Great American Tidal Wave


By Dasho

On Saturday, August the 13th, a lineup of “big tent” internet celebrities attempted to hold a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am not here to talk about them, because they do not matter, in spite of how much they want to. They are not our allies, they are not our leaders, and they are not on our side. They have supported, and continue to support, sodomites, pedophilia, child sex grooming, and pornography, with several being former porn stars themselves. They also support allying with or otherwise accepting influence from Zionist and Communist quarters, push Civic Nationalist rhetoric in spite of their claims to the contrary; several of them are either married to Jews or are Jews themselves. The best that could be said about them is that they are racist liberals.

What happened in Charlottesville this past Saturday has nothing to do with them, in spite of how much they have all tried to hijack, control, and profit off of the rising sentiment of White Nationalism in this country.

But first, a brief summary of what has transpired in these past 72 hours. Some details are a bit sketchy at the time of this writing, but the general outline is fairly clear. The original purpose of this event was to respond to the systematic demolition and destruction of monuments to Civil War heroes who fought on the side of the Southern Confederacy in the economic war of Northern aggression. The location chosen was the site of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville that had seen frequent vandalism by Black Lives Matter in the past. The night before the original event was scheduled, several false reports were filed by local Antifa and BLM activists in an attempt to incite law enforcement into intervening when the demonstrators held a pre-event torchlight march. The police arrived and determined that they were operating within the law.

The next day, at 6 a.m., a state of emergency was quietly declared by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, an Obama devotee and known Federal traitor: more on him in a little bit. Two hours before the event was supposed to officially start, crowds began moving to the location where they had a permit for the demonstration. However, in spite of the permit, and in accordance with the prior declared state of emergency, the police broke up the demonstration, announcing that everyone had to disband or face arrest.

Law enforcement then forced the attendees into a bottleneck that funneled them directly into the Antifa-Black Lives Matter protestors who had been allowed to surround the park, and the most predictable encounter in the world then proceeded to take place. Unsurprisingly, Antifa-BLM struck first, with bricks being thrown, mace being sprayed, and even confirmed acid attacks taking place. There were concussions, gashes, and several reports of broken bones. As the retreating attendees retreated through McIntyre Park, they were followed by a police helicopter that crashed, killing everyone on board. More police and SWAT were deployed to break up the fights taking place and herd everyone out of the city.

After this point, details begin to get sketchy. What we know is that at least three civilians died, several dozen people were wounded. We know that at least one plain-clothes CIA agent was present at the beginning of the debacle. We know an Antifa protestor who was part of a crowd baseball batting cars ended up getting run over and died of her injuries. This is not terribly surprising, since the streets were jam-packed with rioting people chasing each other and she was part of a group going after cars with weapons. Quite frankly, we are lucky more people were not killed by panicking drivers attempting to escape the destruction.

Had the e-celebrities been allowed to speak their peace, they would have done so, everyone would have left, and no one would have remembered this in six months. Instead, the Unite The Right attendees were blatantly set up by the BLM and Antifa-supporting Charlottesville mayor and Virginia state governor, and three people are dead because of it. They are, as of this writing, still trying to pin the helicopter crash on the attendees as well, even though there is no possible way for that to be anything but an unrelated mechanical failure.

And so the Civic Nationalists rejoiced at the opportunity to virtue signal to their Marxist overlords. Social media has been an enthusiastic boot-licking contest ever since, with familiar names such as Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, O’Reilly, and many others all crawling out of the woodwork to prove their loyalty and devotion to everything anti-White by loudly denouncing every White person in America who feels anything but intense sexual arousal at the thought of being replaced by hordes of brown transsexual Communists.

I would also like to take a moment to remind you that during the Black Lives Matter riots, it took over fifteen hours of burning buildings, unchecked looting, and open gunfights in the streets before a state of emergency was declared and SWAT was sent in to try and restore order. But a few hundred angry White men get together to protest some graffiti on a statue, and suddenly it’s the end of the world and we start using states of emergency preemptively like condoms, “just in case.”

Truthfully, parts of this story are all too predictable. The Charlottesville mayor who gave the state police their marching orders was Michael Signer, a Communist Jew with a long history of supporting Black Supremacists and Communist student groups, who also boasts personal ties to the infamous John Podesta of Pizzagate and Pedowood fame. To ask if Signer would stoop to engaging in underhanded tricks in the face of an openly pro-White gathering to honor Confederate history is to ask uncomfortable questions of bears, woods, and possibly the pope.

Nor, for that matter, should anyone be surprised that Virginia state governor Terry McAuliffe engages in shady dealings to thwart anything standing to the right of Eisenhower. Just in recent memory alone, McAuliffe is guilty of pardoning several thousand criminals in key Virginia districts in the weeks before to the Presidential election, along with sending them all voter registration forms using government envelopes paid for by the state taxpayers. His shenanigans are arguably to blame for several key districts going blue and by extension handing the state over to Hillary in the general election. The man is no stranger to committing fraud or bending the rule of law into pretzels to get what he wants.

To the precise details of the event, I will not speculate. Information is still coming in from eyewitnesses who were present, and what we know as fact today may end up being fiction tomorrow. But what can be said, assuredly, is that what happened in Charlottesville was not a “freak accident” or some “random Nazi outburst” as the liberal media posits. In reality, it was the first emerging fragment of a political, social, and cultural phenomena that has been building strength in the shadows of American fringes for over fifty years.

When a tidal wave, or to use the more correct scientific term, a tsunami, first starts, it does so far out at sea. It beings as a vast displacement of water, almost always the result of deep sea tectonic activity, such as plate slips or a volcanic emergence. In the beginning, a tsunami is barely noticeable. It may appear on the surface as a small line of water, a foot or so in height and several miles wide, moving in a single consistent direction. It may not even be visible at all. But as it gets closer to land, the displacement of water is forced up by the rising elevation of the seabed, growing taller and taller as the water on top, naturally faster than the water on the bottom, begins to pile up and form a stack. By the time it reaches the shore, it has transformed from a nigh-invisible ripple to a vast, towering wall of water, a terrifying specter of natural power that appears seemingly from nowhere and devastates everything in front of it before it’s momentum and mass is finally spent.

But to astute observers, there are indeed warning signs. Seismographs can often predict the formation of a tsunami far in advance, and a vast recession of tidal waters is the sure herald of a coming tsunami; before such a natural disaster arrives, the ocean will appear to drain away from the beach for miles, exposing the near seabed to open air and giving rise to the informal term “tidal wave,” as the tide appears to fall away before returning all at once as a crushing wave.

What we are beginning to bear witness to is the emergence of a vast tidal wave of social, cultural, and political forces in the American zeitgeist that began over fifty years ago. Like all true tidal waves, the beginnings were profound but subtle: many Communists infiltrated the American political, educational, and judicial systems, as well as the entertainment industry, and began using their influence to slowly change the course of America as a nation in accordance with the “Cultural Marxism” plan outlined by the Italian neo-Marxist Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks collection of essays. And like most tidal waves, we did receive a blip on the seismograph to warn us: Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a U.S. senator from the great state of Wisconsin, became the face of a movement that the Communist-subverted media and academia would derisively refer to as “McCarthyism ,” which alleged (correctly) that America was experiencing a deep infiltration by Communist actors who sought to subvert and destroy America from within, and that something must be done to oust these people from where they had ensconced themselves.

For a time, McCarthy was able to motivate the politicians in Washington to action, and a series of investigations were undertaken to research the problem. However, eventually the winds of political fortune shifted, and under a constant barrage of ridicule from the Communist and Jewish-influenced media, McCarthy’s efforts came to an end. He was ultimately censured in the U.S. Senate, and is in fact one of the only Senators to have ever been punished in such a manner. He continued to campaign against Communism after the censure, arguing that “you cannot offer friendship to tyrants and murderers without advancing the cause of tyranny and murder,” and that “coexistence with Communists is neither possible nor honorable nor desirable. Our long-term objective must be the eradication of Communism from the face of the earth.” His warnings and admonishments fell upon the deaf ears of the willfully ignorant.

His final political act before his retirement from the Senate was to oppose William Joseph Brennan Jr.'s appointment to the Supreme Court by President Eisenhower, on the grounds of Brennan Jr. holding sympathy with Communists and espousing Marxist rhetoric. He was the only Senator to vote against Brennan’s confirmation. Brennan Jr. would go on to single-handedly undermine the death penalty, secure the existence of abortion in the legal mainstream, and author several landmark cases for institutional liberalism, such as the Baker v. Carr “one person, one vote” precedent. Clearly, even in his final real political act before retirement, good old Joe McCarthy did nothing wrong.

And so the beeping warning of the seismograph was ignored by our well-appointed masters in their fine suits and robes; McCarthy was discredited and demonized posthumously by Jewish academics such as David Oshinsky, and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became rumor, rumor became conspiracy theory, and for forty years the threat of Cultural Marxism passed out of all knowledge.

There were occasional bumps on the road to the New World Order, such as the political career of one Patrick Joseph Buchanan, who called for a return to Traditionalism and accused the Democrat and Republican establishment of colluding with one another to push a conjoined Marxist agenda, but by and large, they seemed to have everything in the bag. No one got elected who did not toe the acceptable lines, both sides of the media only argued within the boundaries of the presented social and economic frames, and White births were dropping while the promise of a purely digital economy was looming on the horizon. The Marxist Democrats on the left and the Trotskyist Republicans on the right had won the culture war against the WASP establishment and the Catholic Church, and the only remotely valid third position available, Libertarianism, was castrated, de-fanged, and transmuted via academic alchemy into a limited hangout of drug abusers, sexual degenerates, and the mentally deranged. They put the final phases of their utopian strategies into motion, and began the process of physical replacement while kicking back to sip martinis and play with their little colored fruit umbrellas.

And then the water on beach began to drain away.

“He’ll never be elected,” they said. “It’s just a fluke,” they said. “He’s going to hit a ceiling!”

And the water kept draining away. And away. And away. And all the pundits, advisors, and talking heads just couldn’t understand it. They had this process down to a science! They knew where to put the money, they knew who to bribe, and they knew who had to endorse whom and which voting machines had to fall off the backs of what trucks. They knew all the important advertising blocks, had every celebrity under their thumb, and all the media outlets in the country were already bought and paid for long ago.

So how on earth was the water still draining away?

And so Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America in the year 2016, the Republican party wrung its hands in dismay that the fight they had meant to throw didn’t end up as planned, and the Cultural Marxist vanguard began a tantrum that is ongoing to this day because no one had ever had the audacity to say “no” to them in their lifetimes. The older and “wiser” liberals sighed in relief that it was not as bad as it could have been, believing that this was just a temporary hiccup in the plan for a Global America, and settled in for four long years of calling the President a clown on late night talk shows, social media, and standup comedy routines until it all blew over and they could get a ‘real’ person in power.

Had any of them been more astute, however, they might have questioned where all of that water went.

Because two hundred billion gallons of water moving at five hundred miles an hour has to go somewhere. And so do 2,626 counties worth of angry White men.

The Cultural Marxist establishment believed that Trump was the end of it: a temporary rebellion, a pressure release valve, the last gasp before the final curtain call of White identity, or indeed White anything, in the United States of America. In reality, Donald Trump was not even the beginning. The Trump election was the water on the beach draining away, the silence before the storm, the deep breath before the plunge. Charlottesville was the real beginning. Charlottesville, where a bunch of wannabe internet celebrities thought they could give a speech in front of a Civil War statue to stroke their own egos, but ended up with a thousand angry young White men marching with torches in their hands chanting “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us.”

No man or group of men, no matter how powerful, can hold back the tide with their bare hands. And what is rising now is no mere tide, but a great and terrible wave, over half a century in the making. The golden calves and bread and circuses have lost their glittering allure. The great secular god “Democracy” has failed. The Fourth Estate and their career politician puppets have been shown for the frauds, charlatans, and traitors that they are and indeed always have been. Patriots have begun to look at their guns with distant contemplation in their eyes, and one by one, Christians are turning their backs on their hammer-and-sickle shepherds and reading the Good Book for themselves. At long, long last, the Saxon tastes hate in his heart.

The line has been drawn in the sand. Muslims can blow up a music concert and kill dozens of children, and no one cares. #NotAllMuslims. Negro Supremacists can openly hunt law enforcement officers, burn down housing complexes, and call for White babies to be set on fire in the streets, and that is just them “expressing themselves in a space to destroy.” But don’t you dare say White people deserve to live, White man. Don’t you dare say White people should look out for White interests, that you deserve something besides horrible torture and death at the hands of your chosen replacements. Because if you do dare, then your rights are forfeit, and we will hound you from the streets with the full and mighty force of Soros-funded Federal Authority.

Patrick Buchanan was right about everything. Joseph McCarthy did nothing wrong.

The Great American Tidal Wave is coming.


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What does “Great American Tidal Wave” mean? A mass awakening of race-conscious Whites? A political movement of MAGAs (i.e. civic nationalists)? A cultural shift in favor of the alt right?


luftschiff I think he means an overall mass rebellion against leftism from every direction in any and all forms.


Reblogged on The Roper Report, excellent analysis and portent.


luftschiff Read the article. It’s explained.


They are, as of this writing, still trying to pin the helicopter crash on the attendees as well, even though there is no possible way for that to be anything but an unrelated mechanical failure.

NEVER! Underestimate the capacity for the CIANigger to be a total CIANigger. Taking down a Helicopter mid flight that might just so happen to have any evidence of who struck first via aerial film is nothing to them. Choppers don’t just go down like that, not without sabotage. And any neglected maintenance could possibly be sabotage, especially if people in the Air Unit are moved around or quit the force in the next few days and weeks. Be on the look out for glow in the dark, CIANiggers.


zon_kuthon Bullshit, in that working choppers DO go down. Given the context, I can see that it draws suspicion. I wouldn’t go so far as presenting speculations and suspicions as likely facts, however.


You would not go so far as saying any speculation about anything that does not fit the official story I suspect.

Why don’t you go ahead and fuck off?


Go be a CIANigger, somewhere else.


said in Charlottesville and the Great American Tidal Wave:

Bullshit, in that working choppers DO go down. Given the context, I can see that it draws suspicion. I wouldn’t go so far as presenting speculations and suspicions as likely facts, however.

You are correct, in that helicopters are delicate and fragile devices. Any sort of routine maintainence failure, from leaky lines to wear and tear on the internals, could have resulting in the chopper crashing.

But the reality is, there is nothing whatsoever to link the crash to the White Nationalist protestors. People armed with literal torches and pitchforks cannot bring down a helicopter, no matter how angry they are.

Whether the crash was a false flag or a genuine accident, I couldn’t tell you, but that doesn’t change the fact that, up until this new protest with Boston distracted them, the media was desperate to pin the crash on the protestors. They were trying. They always do.

The real story here is how we can use the unmistakable and irrefutable double standard to pull more people to our way of thinking. Twelve Muslims working together in a group try to use gas bombs with plastic and thermite detonators to blow up cathedrals, an airport, and a concert hall in Europe, and #WeStandWithIslam. One obese Antifa protestor chasing cars in the streets gets run over by a terrified man attempting to flee the mob she was a part of, and suddenly everyone to the right of FDR needs to be rounded up into camps and put down like dogs “for the safety and peace of the world.”

It’s the worst traits of Huxley and Orwell mixed together in a semitic cauldron to create a truly noxious witch’s brew. This is Cultural Marxism on full display. Anyone who can deny this when it is thrust in front of them is too stupid to deserve to live.


dasho I re-posted your article at my forum:

under Ten Thousand Warlords.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


One minor typo: When a tidal wave, or to use the more correct scientific term, a tsunami, first starts, it does so far out at sea. It beings as a vast displacement of water, almost always the result of deep sea tectonic activity, such as plate slips or a volcanic emergence.


Unite The Right went swimmingly. I sincerely hope your analysis is correct- particularly the part about Christians actually reading the Holy Scriptures.

The Purity Spiral is a hilarious and very apt name for this site. Have you guys considered getting in contact with Common Filth? He also enjoys “punching right”. I think guys like you are helpful for self examination and improvement.

Even when DS comes back on a more permanent basis I think I’ll stick around. The Bog in particular has some truly eye opening levels of depravity.


That reminds me of a saying:
“Although the flood is below and the galley is above, yet the flood is the overlord.”


billy_roper Thank you for spotting that. Fixed.