Pedowood: Hollywood and its Jewish Pedophile Problem


By Karl Radl

When Elijah Wood made a short but highly explosive comment to the Sunday Times about the existence of an organized pedophile ring in Hollywood, the world sat up and took notice. (1)

The Jimmy Savile affair in England was utterly toxic for the British political establishment. Savile was, incidentally, a strident Zionist and a staple of the pro-Israel fund raiser circuit. (2) In today’s environment, there is a great deal of fear about what future allegations of this kind might uncover and what the fallout in a time of populist right wing political uprisings would look like.

Therefore, Wood was very, very quick to ‘clarify’ his comments and claim that he was referring to a documentary - ‘An Open Secret’ by Amy Berg - that he had just viewed, not anything he ‘had personally experienced’. (3)

This sounds like damage control to me.

Why would you make a reference to a highly emotive subject based on a documentary – although the Jewish Daily Forward oddly claims it was a reference to the Jimmy Savile affair, not the Berg documentary – (4) you had just seen in an interview to a major newspaper and not realize what was going to happen?

Either Wood is a bit dim or he knows more than he is publicly acknowledging.

Naturally, it is quite possible that Wood was just being the former and engaged his mouth before his brain had had time to warm up from its stupor. However, his scrambling response to deny the predictable results of his comment, as well as his own status as a young actor in Hollywood suggest it could be much more than that.

This is because we know that there have been recent verified instances of just this sort of pedophilia and child rape in Hollywood. For example, the Hollywood Reporter summarizes the case of Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce as follows:

‘Among the accused are Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce, the infamous co-founders of Digital Entertainment Network — a studio that amassed nearly $100 million in investment from the likes of David Geffen and Michael Huffington, but which is perhaps best known for throwing raging gay Hollywood parties. Only later did it come out that dozens of teen boys were sexually assaulted at these parties, some of them at gunpoint.

After being indicted in 2000 by a grand jury, the trio fled to Spain but were arrested two years later. Guns, machetes and child pornography were found among their belongings. Collins-Rector was eventually extradited to the U.S., pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and was ordered to register as a sex offender.’ (5)

Another is the case of the director Victor Salva – of Jeepers Creepers fame – who was convicted for raping twelve-year-old Nathan Forrest Winters in 1988 and has continued to work in Hollywood since his release, while claiming that it was ‘just a mistake’ that should be put down to a ‘dysfunctional youth’ on his part. (6)

Since that time, Salva has been repeatedly defended (7) by Jewish dominated media outlets like Buzzfeed. (8)

Salva isn’t unique, however, in continuing his career in Hollywood after being convicted for sexually molesting children. Prominent actor Brian Peck’s 2004 conviction for molesting a male Nickelodeon child star seems to have done no professional harm whatsoever, as immediately after his release he was given a part in Disney’s 2006-2007 ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ as well as an uncredited role in the 2009 children’s movie ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. (9) Another example is the case of Hollywood talent agent Tyler Grasham, who was publicly accused by filmmaker and former child actor Blaise Godbe of getting him drunk and promptly raping him in 2007. (10)

It is only with the spotlight of attention and the demand for answers from the American people following the disclosure that Jewish Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein raped and sexually assaulted dozens, if not hundreds, of non-Jewish actresses and female employees from the 1980s to the present day that Hollywood hasn’t been able to bury these issues.

Historically, however, Hollywood has deployed a lot of financial and legal muscle against those who accuse its fraternity’s members of engaging in sexual assault of any kind, whether that be against men, women or children. (11) This included protecting Harvey Weinstein. (12)

It is worth noting that in the early days of the charges made against Weinstein Hollywood tried to do exactly this. Hollywood utilized a variety of Jewish public figures to defend Weinstein, including Donna Karan, the founder of DKNY, (13) director Oliver Stone, (14) celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom (15) and actress Mayim Bialik. (16) At the same time Jewish media outlets attacked any suggestion that sexual assault or pedophilia were widespread problems in tinsel town. (17)

However, once the enormity of what Weinstein had done became known, the scandal took on a life of its own. Caught up in the scandal were primarily Jewish individuals from Hollywood and the wider media spectrum, such as directors James Toback (18) and Brett Ratner (19) and actor Dustin Hoffman. (20) Other examples include Leon Wieseltier of the ‘New Republic’ (21) and ‘Holocaust’ saint Elie Wiesel. (22) Most of these individuals were accused and then forced to admit their sexual exploitation of the many non-Jews in their power.

Then, Hollywood pulled back from trying to defend those they regarded as ‘lost’ and instead focused on consolidating their defenses around the idea that these cases are just aberrations and that there is no culture of abuse in tinsel town.

The major line they have drawn is on the subject of pedophilia and child molestation. They are well aware that should Hollywood be shown to have been actively covering up in any significant way for pedophiles and child molesters, it could well mean the destruction of big Hollywood studios and those who depend on them for work.

It would in essence spell the end of Hollywood as we know it.

Self-preservation is key and Hollywood is prepared to fight to the death on the subject of pedophilia and child molestation to prevent the knowledge of its complicity becoming common currency. Perhaps the most important figure in terms of the suggestion that Hollywood is covering up for high profile pedophiles in its midst is Corey Feldman.

Feldman is a Jewish former child actor who claims that he was sexually abused by an assortment of Hollywood figures, one of whom we know is the now convicted Jewish child molester and former Hollywood child talent agent Marty Weiss. (23)

He has also stated that his friend and fellow Jewish child actor Corey Haim was sexually abused in even worse ways, which helped cause and fuel the drug addiction which ultimately cost Haim his life. (24) He has stood by his claims despite Haim’s mother coming out every now and again to publicly denounce Feldman and accuse him of being a con-artist. (25)

Supporting evidence for her charge can be seen to come from Feldman’s fundraising activities, (26) but the fact that Feldman has begun to be more explicit recently about the as yet unnamed figures that sexually abused him (27) and has now agreed to publicly name them on air somewhat deflates the argument that he is a fraud. (28)

If Feldman in fact does this – and now is the best time he could do it, with the Harvey Weinstein affair still raging – then it would prove his contention that he hasn’t named names because his abuses wouldn’t be charged due to the California statute of limitations expiring and his parallel fear of being sued to death by big Hollywood names and studios using high-powered lawyers. (29)

Both are valid concerns for Feldman, but there is also the problem of his claim that he told the Santa Barbara Police Department who they were in 1993. (30) The law enforcement agency has explicitly denied this was the case and stated they remain open to his information. (31)

Despite all this, I would argue that on balance Feldman is likely to actually be telling the truth – albeit seeking to personally profit while doing so – because his description of a pedophiles operating as an ‘open secret’ within Hollywood (32) tallies with how Harvey Weinstein et al operated until they were exposed recently. In addition, Feldman has never wavered or changed his story, which would be rather odd if he was indeed just a fraudster out to con money out of the gullible via publicity, as is usually charged against him. (33)

This is also suggested by Feldman’s surprising and unwavering defense of the late pop superstar Michael Jackson from charges of pedophilia and child molestation. (34) If he was a con artist just out for the money, he would have assuredly echoed the belief of many – including this author – that Jackson was indeed guilty of this.

Then, we’ve got the fact that Hollywood obviously doesn’t have a problem with convicted child molesters like Victor Salva and Brian Peck working in the industry; Indeed, major studios have gone out of their way to give them work.

This, as Gabe Hoffman has adroitly pointed out, directly contradicts Hollywood’s narrative, because either Hollywood supports child molesters or it doesn’t. (35) It cannot give recently released child molesters like Peck major new projects working with children or promote the movies of fugitive child molesters such as Jewish director Roman Polanski (36) and think that this means it is ‘taking a stand’ against pedophiles and child molesters. To the contrary, it suggests that Hollywood has an extremely permissive attitude to children being sexually exploited and raped at will by an assortment of its members.

The fact that we are seeing a fresh wave of denunciations of Hollywood stars like Jewish director Roman Polanski – for raping a ten year old in 1975 - (37) and Bryan Singer – for raping an underage boy in 2000 – (38) (the second accusation of this type against him in recent years) (39) is further evidence against Hollywood’s stance . (40)

The fact is – as Gabe Hoffman has said – that the Weinstein scandal is likely but the tip of a much larger iceberg (41) and it is our duty as patriotic Americans to drain the fetid stinking swamp that is tinsel town once and for all.

What is left unstated by Hoffman, of course, is that the vast majority of those publicly identified as pedophiles/child molesters in Hollywood are Jewish.

Who would have thought it?

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dr_yamak good work! as long as zionists own media and ADL – zionist muscle organization are still active --PEdophiles among Jews will Never come out like ROman Catholic Church! Most pedophile end up in ISrael after raping kids all over the world —yes, most of their victims are Jewish children --does NOT matter to me…all kids are our responsibility!
As long as JEws do NOT want to acknowledge this --their kids are in danger!


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