The Boomer Mentality


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By Karl Radl

My parents are Baby Boomers: They were born into a society that was recovering from the Second World War, but was at the cusp of a series of huge economic booms and the collapse of social mores which has led to – as well as provided the means to bring about - the most hedonistic half century since the reign of the Emperor Nero. They were brought up in a world that they claim was “closed minded” and have often told me about how “awful” the “racism” and “sexism” was in their childhood and early adult years.

Yet, at the same time, they yearn after many of the values of their youth. They want the community back. They want the “salt of the earth” working class back. They want – as David Cameron described several years ago – a return to the “spirit of Dunkirk”.

This could be nostalgia, but I think it is more than that.

In some primordial, unconscious way my parents and their fellow Baby Boomers want the world that they were born into to come back. They want a return to close families, close communities, and a stable society because they know that this is what would make them and their descendants happy. They believe that such a society can be achieved with the presence of almost any group of people from anywhere in the world: They often resort to a kind of magical thinking where - if you provide enough “education” – anyone, even an amoeba, can be turned into a flag-waving, apple pie-loving member of the American middle class.

Their generation has had it hammered into to them – and they often sincerely believe it – that the things that created those wholesome values – socially defined gender roles and an homogenous racial community of European origin – are in and of themselves intrinsically evil because they lead to… well… the Third Reich.

This isn’t an opinion that has been formed through careful thought after extensive reflection and research, but rather something that they have absorbed from their own lazy, hedonistic lifestyle.

To illustrate this, I quote Frank Batavick of the “Carroll County Times” talking about his reaction to the now infamous Charlottesville, Virginia rally:

“The events of the last few weeks have led me to despair about our great country. I viewed with sadness all of those young men in Charlottesville, Virginia, carrying tiki torches or Confederate and Nazi flags and chanting “Sieg heil” and “white lives matter.” Some even hoisted signs with anti-Jewish slogans. Yeah, I know. I had to rub my eyes too, fearing that I’d time-tripped back to 1938.

I really don’t get it. Have none of these men ever watched a World War II movie, from “Schindler’s List” to today’s “Dunkirk,” and not understood that Nazism represents evil incarnate? Do none of them have grandfathers or great uncles who were among the 405,000 Americans who sacrificed their lives in WWII fighting against the scourge of the swastika? Do they have no sense of history and are they incapable of comprehending that the Confederate flag is the flag of treason and defeat, and that 360,000 Union soldiers died to preserve the country that provides the basic rights they enjoy today? Don’t they understand that people of color consider the flag a personal affront? What caused the virus of hatred that’s embedded in their souls, and why didn’t our schools do a better job of deconstructing and denying the moral sickness that is racism?” (1)

Reading this as someone who engages with more literature and material on the Third Reich in a year than most people will ever do in a lifetime – as well as someone who has lectured on the subject at universities on occasion – and a member of the same “neo-Nazi” crowd that Batavick is so confused by, I cannot help but laugh.

He clearly tells us that his information comes primarily from “World War II movies” and how he gets flash backs to the Third Reich’s torch lit marches – which are not often mentioned in the literature but are practically cliché in documentaries on the subject – when he sees people do an impromptu march in Charlottesville using tiki torches.

Yet, Batavick has the temerity to lecture my generation about “how little we know” and how “he doesn’t understand” why people like me would embrace National Socialism today.

The answer to Batavick’s facile pondering is a simple one: we get our information from the source and our own (often extensive) research into the matter.

We don’t just take this information on trust because History Channel documentaries – which aren’t accepted as sources in university papers for reasons I assume Batavick finds equally difficult to comprehend – claim that Hitler had one testicle, had a sexual interest in feces and “wanted to conquer the world.” All of these claims are well-known to be untrue, but to people like Batavick they are “established facts.”

We do our own research, because we have – in the varied paths of our intellectual evolution – come across information that contradicts what we were taught as fact. We dug, and we found that we want what the Baby Boomers want – but we also know why they have never been able to achieve this desire.

They fail to comprehend that in order to recreate the values and community they so desire they have to have the racially homogenous and traditionalist state that used to exist: A state where women are women, men are men and there are no Muslims around to terrorize kindergartens, or Jews present to demand that American men and women go die for Israel, not their own country.

Instead, Baby Boomers believe what they are told by their television sets, and as a result, everything they do is predicated on the lies told to them by the same “liberal, out of touch elite” that so many of them love to gripe about.

The fact is that the Baby Boomer is a lazy, selfish, atomized individual obsessed with their own hedonistic desires. They refuse to get out of their plush $2,000 arm chair to turn off their 72 inch flat screen HD television set and look outside to see the world of murder, mayhem and tragedy that they themselves, this worst of generations, created for my own Millennial generation.

Reality bites, and while the Boomers like to refer to their parents as being members of the “Greatest Generation,” they fail to see that history will record their own as the “Worst Generation”.

It is now up to my generation to clear up and fix what my parents destroyed in the name of satisfying their selfish lusts and desires, and we will clean it up.

Get out of the way Boomers, or you’ll find out how little “respect” your alienated children have for you and your kind.

Original article

(1) Batavick: Struggling to comprehend racism, Nazism - Carroll County Times


$2,000 for an arm chair! They overpaid.

Seriously though, excellent article, very sharp and insightful (even a bit vicious)- As usual, but this one I particularly enjoyed being that it was so relatable. I have not one little thing to disagree with (which my husband would tell you is no usual occurrence).