The Decay of the Material


By Bane

I am not a philosopher, or even what I’d call a particularly deep thinker. I’ve found that a lot of the beauty of nature’s “divine design” gets lost in a sea of over-analysis when people can’t see the forest for the trees. On matters of faith and spirituality I stumble over the kind of minutiae that the great thinkers wouldn’t waste a breath on. But I firmly believe in a few core things: I believe that a spiritual aspect is crucial for a healthy family and society. I believe that a purely material-based paradigm is an unspeakable toxin for a society. I believe that acts of faith and goodness to one’s fellow (White) man are one of the most wholesome and necessary things for a people to prosper, and I believe that these very acts check a man’s pride and keep it at a healthy level. Lastly, I believe that the family is sacred. One’s race is an extension of that family and MUST be preserved for the benefit of all echelons of society.

I can’t state with perfect clarity the reasons why I believe and try to live by these axioms. By my own measure, I’m not a superman or a superb exemplar of what a “pillar of society” should be. I’m imperfect, unfortunately. I do have a family who love me very much, and I have a God who I pray to for strength during times of hardship or personal frailty. And I take satisfaction at life’s little victories, and gratification from any acts of charity I can give to a White man who’s down on his luck. I don’t think that this satisfaction can be measured in a strictly material sense. By a material metric, as a matter of fact, I am diminished for my charity. Spiritually, I am strengthened.

Some would say that I’m delusional for “pretending” that God gives me satisfaction and peace of mind, and that my gratification comes solely from the works of my own hands. I don’t have a rebuttal to that claim. I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes any more than they’ve walked in mine, so I’d be flinging accusations that are just as baseless as theirs, which is a fruitless fight. Again, I’m not perfect.

I’m not here to bring some newfound gospel: I can’t cast out demons with a hearty slap, a screech of “SATAN BEGONE”, and rousing organ music playing in the background. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed out on the exorcistic aspects of faith. But I can’t deny that my general satisfaction, untouched by personal or general circumstances, has increased dramatically since I stopped looking at my family and my race in a way that wasn’t simply defined by demographic numbers and Black-on-White crime stats. In fact, I was miserable when I looked at our people from a purely logical standpoint. So miserable in fact, that I had ceased to experience life in any fashion except for behind a drunken screen. The only way I could even address the problems faced by European/White people was when I was intoxicated. How is that logical at all?

I’m not saying I’ve tossed off the mantle of logic. I can still argue with the best of folks, and I still believe there’s an obscure and esoteric mathematical equation out there that would let a man’s honesty be calculated in correlation to the curvature and size of his nose and frequency of hand-rubbing. Sometimes a spade is a spade, and a Jew is a Jew. But I’ve stopped trying to force everything into a logical format, stripping away the beauty that can come with the unknown. I’m okay with doing a guy a favor, knowing I may never see him again. I’m okay letting people go when it’s their time to go. I’m okay with grief, loss, human pettiness and all the other tribulations we deal with from time to time. And you can’t quantify that with a slide-rule.

See, the most important thing that has been stripped of European people was our faith, or our ability to have it. Success has a strange way of rotting a people from the inside. As my namesake persona said: “Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!” Indeed it has. I see it on /pol/ all the time, and it’s not always the shills. The 14 words are viewed solely through a materialist lens. The grognards and number-crunchers have White women to non-White birthrates down to a science, and that’s not bad. A methodical approach is not often an approach that fails. But only if you approach it at all: Yelling at the mountain and calling it a Negro isn’t the same as climbing it. It’s why the 88 precepts were hammered out to temper that iron.

I admit, the material approach might get you a litter of young’uns and a wife who can bake a mean lemon meringue pie, but it’s not gonna put the right ideas in their heads. A healthy family and, by extension, a healthy race must have an aspect of faith. Just the size of a mustard seed, right? And I hate to say it, but teaching the kids about Semitic chicanery without teaching them the value of kith and kin isn’t going to give them a drive for purpose, it’s just going to make them angry people who rage against Jewish tricks, but offer no other alternative to a hungry populace in a rotting society that’s desperate for alternatives. And that’s if they’ve got any fight in their bellies at all. Many may end up doing what the normies do: abusing alcohol and Xanax so they don’t have to look at the stinking carcass of the materialist West.

Motivation’s hard to come by in our decrepit age, and even in the best of times it’ll disappear at the drop of a hat. But despair is not the only stumbling block. Pride is another, and it’s so much worse. Now, I’m not talking about the pride you get when you look across your freshly mown-and-edged lawn, or you wipe the last smears of grease off your hands and drop the hood back down. That’s good pride, the pride earned from the sweat of your brow. I’m talking about hubris. Hubris is the destroyer of men and the bane of nations. Say what you will about Hitler, but he did tremendous things we haven’t seen since. But every single wartime historian will agree: he let his hubris consume him. And modern Whites have far too much hubris. We spend way too much time fawning over what we used to be and cataloging our globe-striding faded glory.

Living on the greatness of yesteryear is the hallmark of a stagnant people. The Italians talk a good game about the Roman Empire, but the sons of Caesar don’t do a whole lot of conquering. They can’t even keep the southern hordes out of their modern walls. And I take no joy in pointing that out. Hubris explains in large part why the Byzantines managed to exist for a thousand years after the fall of Western Rome, yet still were never more than a shadow of their former glory (Sorry, Belisarius.) Had they set aside their hubris, Asia Minor may not have become a Turkish hovel and a Greek graveyard. Their hubris laid them low before the first cannons ever battered Constantinople. Hubris is not a motivator to keep your womenfolk from becoming sex slaves.

If we let despair and hubris prevail, they will destroy us. And the two work so flawlessly together; they are the two main ingredients of the “just wait for a real leader” argument. Inertia and insouciance. “No worries guys, we’ll create our own salvation if we just wait. But we’re screwed right now, y’know?” Such posts are all over /pol/ and beyond because they’re persuasive in all the right, ultimately lethal ways.

Only faith can check despair and crack hubris. A faith that perseverance through the darkness will get you to the light. A faith that we are not all fractal individuals. A faith in our common and united strength: What else is Fascism? Fascism is faith made material. Fascism is the actualization of the White spirit. Because if we lack faith, the 14 words mean nothing. Without the divine spark which I believe Whites have, regardless of what the materialists say, there is no reason that we have any more value relative to any Negro working at Mickey-Dees. There is no physical mandate stating we MUST secure a future for White children, only a spiritual one. In our common European souls, they are an extension of us just as we are extensions of our ancestors. And our ancestors are watching: let us not disappoint them.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is not a plea for Christianity, Paganism, esoteric Kekism or anything. I’m not picking a dog in the fight, merely stating with this article that if you don’t pick a dog, you’re not in the fight at all.

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dr_yamak Good article, I enjoyed it. Only (minor) complaint: would like to hear you name the Fedora more explicitly. Otherwise, very inspiring.


Excellent excellent article.