The Racial Basis of Libertarianism and Socialism


By Karl Radl

In the Alt-Right, it is a common to hear from newly minted adherents that they ‘took the Red Pill’ on race realism from the type of libertarianism espoused by Ron Paul. In doing so, they realized that libertarianism can only work in homogenous societies of European stock, and that it simply cannot function in either modern, multi-racial societies or homogenous, non-European societies.

I believe this observation to be completely truthful: Who can really envision Blacks abiding by the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), Asians paying tolls to use privatized roads or Jews engaging in fair commercial exchanges?

I mean this in all seriousness: Can you imagine anyone else besides White people abiding by such ideas and social norms?

I can’t, and if you spoke to an honest libertarian about their idea of a libertarian society, you would quickly find out that they envision it as a homogeneous White society that resembles nineteenth-century England or early twentieth-century North America, when the vast majority of U.S. citizens were still descended from northern European immigrants.

The same is true of socialists- I know that will make more than a few libertarians scream about welfare and how the political left are scum and dominated by Jews.

Think about it: When was the last time you actually asked a socialist about what their vision for an ‘ideal socialist state’ would look like? If you did, they would answer just like libertarians: The ideal state of the socialist closely resembles homogenous White states dominated by those of northern European ancestry.

Sweden is a classic example that modern socialists often reference, because Sweden has been economically left-leaning for decades and has successfully built a socialist, high-tech economic system. This system flourished until the Swedish government decided to commit demographic, cultural and economic suicide when it opened its doors to a horde of ‘refugees’ from Africa and the Middle East.

Socialism is built on the premise that one should ‘give according to one’s ability, take according to one’s need,’ but this, like the NAP in libertarianism, is a fundamentally European idea based on values held by Europeans. Neither Blacks nor Asians fundamentally understand the concept of ‘giving according to one’s ability’ without expectation of return (AKA charity), while Arabs and Jews cannot even begin to understand the idea of ‘taking according to one’s need’ because to them ‘need’ is synonymous with desire and want. It is no accident that socialism is a European idea and not one that any other race conceived of; it is rooted deeply in European philosophies and radical social movements.

Whenever socialism has been adopted or purloined by others it has not been used for creating a truly socialist state. It has instead been used as a vehicle for the establishment of new imperial dynasties, as was the case in China, Cuba and North Korea, or as a way to advance group interests against Europeans- this is illustrated by the fact that Marxists and leading socialists in Russia and eastern Europe were overwhelmingly of Jewish ethnicity.

Any vision of a socialist society assumes that people will adhere to its principles regarding group altruism and non-violence in the same way that libertarianism assumes that the group will adhere to its principles regarding the respect of an individual’s liberties, rights and the NAP. These are the ideas and values of Europeans, not those of other peoples.

What we have to fundamentally recognize is that libertarians and socialists really aren’t that different in regards to the situational context from which they derive their ideas and how they envision a future society. Where they differ, of course, is on how that homogenous European society will be governed best, and whether equality or liberty should be the guiding principle.

However, both are forms of White societies and equally valid contending systems to be considered for a future White ethno-state. So remember: The next time you rail against ‘capitalists’ or ‘socialists,’ what you are really criticizing are ‘Jewish capitalists importing cheap third-world labor’ or ‘Jewish socialists seeking vengeance on Europe for the Holocaust,’ not your fellow Europeans.

Our real enemies are our racial enemies: Regardless of whether you believe in equality or liberty, they want to get rid of you because you are White, not because you believe in libertarianism or socialism.

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