The Tyranny of Democracy


The Tyranny of Democracy

By Dasho

In a display of childish pique that surprises only those of us who are new to the tired truths of Marxist duplicity and globalist treachery, the EU response to Trump withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement has been less than reasonable. Instead of accepting the withdrawal with grace, or being open to renegotiating the terms, the EU bureaucrats have instead declared that America will not be allowed to withdraw from the climate accord, and that if Trump refuses to agree to it, they will simply go around Trump and make deals with American corporate boards, investment brokers, and other such sundry interests, cutting the President and the American people out of the decision making process entirely.

Now, I could write an article unto itself about how the Paris climate accord is a terrible deal, and why the carbon credit system is a blatant and naked-faced communist program of redistributing wealth on a macro scale. I could also, commit to writing pages and pages detailing the treacheries and entitlements of the plutocratic Marxists who created and control the European Union, and their petit bourgeois Mao-fetishist foot soldiers they use to enforce their will from behind the zombie glow of iPhones and Facebook watch groups.

But, sadly, we are not here today to trade such in gossip. Today, I wish to call attention to something much broader and more important, which this climate deal illustrates perfectly.

It has been a little over a week since this particular piece of news broke on the 2nd of June 2017, and I have seen an outpouring of criticism of EU bureaucrats and their supporters from the more mainstream sources of British conservatism effecting statements of “see, this is why we want to have nothing to do with these people, they are completely undemocratic!” I have also seen sycophantic neocons and tame American Republicans espousing similar sentiments. These people do not value or respect democracy at all, they claim, and this is why they are Bad People! Not our values!

No. These people do respect democracy. In fact, it is explicitly democracy which they are practicing. A group of 28 micro-states that are collectively almost a match for Texas have decided that their 28 votes overrules the one singular vote granted to the continent-spanning vastness of America; they believe America should be treated no differently than, say, Greece or Poland when the whole of the EU votes for and they vote against.

That is democracy at work, expressly and explicitly. And that is why democracy is a tyranny. There is nothing ‘fair’ or ‘just’ about a democracy. Democracy is 51% of the populace denying the rights of the 49% at the behest of the interests of the 1%. If you are part of that 49%, your opinions do not matter. If you are part of the 1%, all you need do is create a bloc of special interests and racial minorities large enough to comprise 51%, and you own the process.

That is not justice. That is not a civic structure. It is not, as the Anglo-Saxon heart says, “fair dealings.”
It is a top-down oppression by intellectually foreign and hostile elements. It is a Satanic inversion of the very idea of the state, turning the whole process on head and proclaiming itself the most righteous of righteous systems. Only the euphoric and the enlightened need apply: what are you, some kind of racist?

Democracy is not a system of governance. It is a shiny sticker placed over the leering skull of oligarchy, an emerald veil behind which a stooped and hook-nosed banker scurries, pulling levers and spinning cranks, declaring himself The Great and Powerful Majority. No, dear girl, don’t look behind the curtain. Just make sure to vote in November: you have our word that the count will be fair.

The only systems of state that have ever functioned well and produced healthy and stable societies have been republics, autocracies, and monarchies. What is happening today in Europe and the Anglosphere is adding to the mountain of evidence that this is the case.

Democracy is not a system or a way of life. It is the death throes of a civilization; it is the rot in the veins of a dying animal. When materialism has stolen the spiritual legitimacy of the state and secularism has made pleasure for pleasure’s sake the only socially acceptable pursuit, then mob rule, funded by our kind and benevolent overlords, is the only position left to turn to.

Unless, of course, you adopt a reactionary view, and assume a third position.
So the next time you see a neocon or Diet Coke Conservative harping on about how undemocratic it is for the self-appointed bureaucrats of other nations to declare American or British processes null and void, remind them: this is precisely what democracy is, was, and always has been. It has never been anything else than this, and it never will be anything else than this.

Three wolves and a sheep vote on what to have for dinner. It does not take a wise man from elder days to see where this leads. And the third world outnumbers us ten to one.

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Democracy isn’t great, but the fact that Trump chose to expend political capital on Climate Change, rather than immigration or foreign policy is just fucking hilarious. The eternal boomer in action.


Burgundie What I like about it though, is it is a huge sacred cow to the left. Should he have gone along with it instead? These people think he is going to usher in a literal apocalypse due to this. This is making them violent and insane. DAPA cut, DACA “under review”, fencing (as shitty as it is, I have hope for the new budget). ICE doing busts of emergency way stations near the border.

I don’t know, things don’t seem too bad really even if they could be much much better. I want to give him some more time. I want to see where the left goes and what the reaction will be. Trump is an accelerant with these people. Nothing is settling down and the fire continues to rise. Also, it seems that the WN community is growing, not just the Alt-Lite/Right, which is what I had been fearing would happen. This is good. It is also good that the commies are growing, and man are they. There is no Alt-Left, really, that position has mostly been absorbed into the Alt-Right with the “Lite” manifestation (for better or worse).

Also Trump is a sneaky fucking bastard:

Police star…riiiight

Trump doesn’t have to be our guy as much as he has to be perceived as such and do all he can get away with as a civic nationalist while we continue to prepare, network, and nonviolently spread our message and resist. I cannot see him losing reelection, and I definitely cannot see the left putting up with Literally Hitler and anon antics for 8 years.

Buckle up.



Maybe it’s because I’m from Europe, but young people are almost universally environmentalist (not saying globalists taking billions to fund “solar panels in Ethiopia” will do anything). So I really don’t like this approach at all. It alienates the young, who might actually be won over by a non-interventionist foreign policy, or a more sensible immigration stance.

Again, since I’m not American I can’t really tell how popular anti-climate change policy is over there. Just seems like he expended all this political capital on something that is ultimately going to be inconsequential.


Burgundie It’s true that many people are environmentalists, but I still think not giving in into the shitty Paris agreement is the way to go. It’s just another marxist apparatus to funnel money away from us. What he should do is fund some research or something actually useful to the environmental cause. Show that he indeed does care. He’d have to make a big deal out of it, otherwise it’ll just be ignored and nobody will know about it.


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