Winning the Spiritual War


By Matthew Fontaine

The modern world, with all its chatter, all its technology, and all its information has confused and disrupted the Aryan soul. As we have become increasingly concerned with merely the exterior and material world, we have lost sight of what it means to truly live a meaningful life. In the past, our ancestors were firmly confident of their place among the Cosmos and, subsequently, their relationship with God. Their unity with Nature was unquestionable, and from it sprung a healthy public life that mirrored the clarity of their souls. Everyone and everything had its place, and even the Aryan Man understood and embraced his own limitations in the eyes of the Creator.

This clarity of Life is hard to come by these days, as the modern world has all but crushed our link to the Divine. When we think of the darkness our race finds itself in today, we make the modern mistake of believing that all would be fixed if we could merely come up with a material solution to our problems. But the abyss we find ourselves falling into is not physical, it is spiritual. In an age where our Spirit is consistently bombarded with disruptive advertisements, meaningless information, and mindless entertainment, we are robbed of the opportunity to understand ourselves. The darkness, first and foremost, is within, and bringing light to our interior world is the only way to combat the grotesqueness of modernity. An iron Soul can withstand any storm that Life may throw at it, and in turn is able to recognize with immense clarity all lies, filth, and chaos for what they are.

In coming to terms with the immensity of what we face, an Aryan Man may feel insignificant and powerless to combat the titanic forces that threaten to destroy his history, culture, and people. To think like this is to severely discount the power of the individual. The exterior world is simply a mirror of the interior one, which means that by healing your own Soul, you are in effect healing the Collective Soul of our race and setting right the world around you. Just as a healthy body is only comprised of healthy cells, the Aryan race will only find the will to defeat its sense of self-abasement and lust for housing parasites when its individual members return themselves to their natural states of being. By virtue of rejecting the death and decay of your people, you are in the vanguard of a long line of heroic men that stretches back into antiquity, a lineage of souls that understood the protection of their race not as a sacrifice but as a duty.

To reject the satanic temptations of the modern world is at first a gargantuan task, especially when all others around you drink its poison as if they were wanderers in the desert. But you, as an Aryan, whose veins course with the blood of innumerable conquerors, inventors, poets, and dreamers, are capable of almost anything. Only you know what is holding you back from your true potential, but because of who you are and where you came from, there are no excuses to keep you from taking one step forward each and every day. Your blood simply grants you potential, as only through your deeds can you claim the title of an Aryan Man. To live as what God intended you to be shall and must be your meaning, just as a fish must live as a fish and lion must live as a lion. In realizing your true Self, you not only grant freedom to yourself, but to your people as a whole.

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kemperor Thank you for the feedback.

To me, the meaning of the article is almost wholly metaphorical and therefore wasn’t intended to be analyzed in a literal sense. I portray God here in the universal and personal sense, rather than in any strictly pagan or Christian way so as to not drive the word away from the standard meaning. In my view, God the Creator in any form sanctioned a hierarchy among men, whereby the Aryan Man stands at the apex and closest to Him, an idea which is self-evident in the Aryan Man’s works upon this earth. We used to understand this, but the false idea of equality has squashed this universal truth. When Man understands the basic truths of nature and his role in this Cosmic play, he indeed does have a clarity of life.

Owing to Jungian influence and in line with the view that different planes of existence are intertwined with each other, the forces that play upon our psyche, or unconscious, can have profound effects on how we view the world. I’m a firm believer in role that both DNA and mental space can have not only in how groups of people interact but how they subconsciously communicate with each other. Filth that is pushed to our subconscious via mass media can disrupt that I believe, owing to the power of propaganda. In that view, the thoughts of one person can have a snowball effect on others of the race.

I’ve seen a fair amount of people in this movement doubt at times the power of their own contribution to this fight, ultimately perceiving the futility of themselves an individual in affecting change. To me, that is incorrect and modern view, owing to the idea of hyper-individuality. What they must realize is that the implications of race go beyond simply scientific terms, meaning that we are more connected to each other more than just through our physical appearance or mental aptitudes. Our own collective unconscious is being eroded away and it is our duty to reclaim that space. karlradl


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Good stuff. The Reverend Lampshade approves.


KarlRadl, IDK I see a lot of places where a certain type of person could conflate problems here. The chief two would be, what does this guy mean by god? I see him skirting the line between Pagan and The Father/Christ… looking quickly, I don’t think he’s including the race or the man himself.

The second conflation I see is the general jumbling of problems, psychic, and physical and spiritual. I find life is a lot easier rolling with the ads and psychic pollution. A speaker will tune out, etc. Sometimes ads and speakers can get stuck between the tuned in and tuned out are. How much it gets stuck and how one reacts can be indicative of mental health. Sometimes though, there is a channel where they are not tuned in, nor tuned out and can be bemusing or alternatively distracting - maybe the opposite of a dream.

Don’t get me wrong, it can take time to learn the punches but, worrying about psychic pollution or various “subconscious” threats, I find can confuse muh spirit and my psyche into think there is a problem where there is none. Perceptions work everyone up time to time.

I believe and find some of these ideas constructs the author is looking for are illusory and may be misdirection affected on the author and or the author trying to affect on us. For example, “The clarity of life” in the third paragraph.

I do not mean to be deconstructionist for any other reason than to move forward towards most if not all of the goals the author professes to want.

I relate most to the mention of feeling demoralized. UnaBomber Ted offers some insight into that. I can get you the text or audio if you want it. Te main thing to me was that the goals have to attainable.The real Alt Right (New Name When?) has had a lot of setbacks in the last 6 months.

I think if you want to live in nature, you had better have the money or skills to sustain.If you want a connection to God the Father and Jesus, you better find out what you need to do for them. They don’t come down and play ball with you and there’s probably no one left to Evangelize. I doubt anyone is going to be martyred unless you live in Iran or Israel. Nymphs, and all the various spirits, on the other hand, may play ball with you but I doubt it’s a good idea.

Basically, I think presuppositions must be checked and knowledge and skill acquired going forward.

Note: Consider any addresses to the reader as addresses to the reader in general. I ain’t talking to you KarlRadl but I don’t always write with the correct disposition(?).


Paging MatthewFontaine


matthewfontaine first, I honestly thought KarlRadl was asking what I thought about an article he liked, not an article where I’d have the chance to interact with the author. I guess you answered my “what is this article for a vehicle for question.”

Alternatively, from my little experience with Jung, I personally would tend to stay away. I have no real interest in him rn. The people who have exposed me to him in the past have been loose minded pothead types. Forgive me, but I put more stock in what works instead of learning about such a broad subject as Jungian psychoanalysis which if I am not mistaken is an offshoot of Freudian psychoanalysis.

I have to go on believing the subconscious is less valuable than it is said to be. I have never seen any evidence of it.

I think wondering about that and maybe worrying about psychic pollution is more or less the thing that is going to jam the subject up most of the time.

All in all, I think it is better to have most parts of your mind mapped out and that there are other ways to do that.

For example, if one is oddly bothered by a piece of graffiti it may have a subliminal/archtypical message one is not yet conscious of. Contributions to the movement can be explained statistically, relationally or I’m sure something else.

I feel like I’m rambling a bit. I usually dont have conversations like this.


matthewfontaine said in Winning the Spiritual War:

Our own collective unconscious is being eroded away and it is our duty to reclaim that space. karlradl

Thank you!!!


kemperor said in Winning the Spiritual War:

I have to go on believing the subconscious is less valuable than it is said to be. I have never seen any evidence of it. […]
For example, if one is oddly bothered by a piece of graffiti it may have a subliminal/archtypical message one is not yet conscious of

Are those two sentences contradicting each other?


I confess I didn’t read all this in the thread but hear me out…

Short and sweet…

There is no cosmic or supernatural aspect to this shit at all…

No soul type shit…

Its all psychology.

Understanding the brain and how it works.

The jews use psychological warfare and deception at all times.

If there were 25 hours in a day they would use psywar 25 hours a day.

They currently use it 24 hours a day.

Nothing spoopy about it.


kemperor Don’t worry about it. I’m always open to some friendly discussion on topics I care about.

In regards to Jung, while I’m not totally proficient in his works nor do I recommend his ideas as the most effective way to explain the Self and our individual reality, I think his works are an important stepping stone in understanding the individual and the individual’s link to not only people who are alive today, but also the works of his ancestors. Whether you believe in the psyche/soul/mind as a metaphysical concept or a material one is irrelevant to this context because there is a quantifiable link between people of similar genetics, where they all share the same type of subconscious realm that makes the production of culture possible.

This subconscious realm can most definitely be tampered with, and likewise if psychological warfare wasn’t an effective tactic, the Jews wouldn’t be engaging in such a thing through the mass media.

No_Shit_Sherlock Also, whether or not this psychological warfare has a metaphysical dimension to it is all a matter of opinion, and the point where intellectual discussion on the topic starts to cross over into theoretical territory. However, a number of Jews do in fact believe there to be such a dimension, otherwise they wouldn’t have involved themselves so heavily over the centuries with the mysticism of the Kabbalah, which is an esoteric belief system that they stole from the ancient Aryans and subsequently corrupted. It’s the foundation of all black magic.



There is no cosmic or supernatural aspect to this shit at all…
No soul type shit…

Inspiration, awe, zealotry and so forth are real, though and, in practicality, they work to cover that sort of thing.
If you truly believe that there is nothing spiritual about anything, then this kind stuff might appear dishonest or deceptive to you.

But it’s just how humans work.

The Day of the Tentacle isn’t a videogame, you cannot lose it.
Games that cannot be lost are not games, but activities. In reality, though, or practicality, it’s considered a game, anyway.

I thin there’s more to things out there, but even if there wasn’t and “faith” is just a sort of name for a concept, it still works in the scope it’s, well, working in.

And kikes are, as sad as it is, lightyears ahead to the average joe when it comes to belief and faith.
They believe in all sorts of shit westerners find ludicrous, but their delusions do have an effect.

I don’t think that you can easily sell this kind of “extra layer of potential zealotry” to normies or many people in general dressed as stone cold rationality.

I do believe that humans need faith of some sort to not go …wierd. Weirder than even with it.
(Cause some beliefs can be pretty nuts)
I mean, there’s stories of demons and whatnot, but even straight up demonic possession usually still makes people go to work and pay taxes and buy groceries.
So even something weird as demons still leave a person somewhat functional but the glorious “rational atheist” movement has been anything but enlightened and co.
A country of demons wouldn’t be able to do as much subtle but significant damage than them.

So yeah, I think faith and spiritual battles are 100% legit, even under the guise of “it’s all just psychology”.
Having that extra little supernatural thing to hook behavior into is useful and seemingly intrinsic to humans, it’s there to be taken, either by us or the enemy.

You can inspire people with this kind of stuff way more than with mundane things, at least that’s how it seems to be.


techpriest said in Winning the Spiritual War:

So even something weird as demons still leave a person somewhat functional but the glorious “rational atheist” movement has been anything but enlightened and co.

While Christian faith was strong, the jews couldn’t beat us. Then, they came up with the devilish plan of atheism. They also use atheism as their disguise, and when the question of religion comes up, they quickly answer that they are atheists to hide their true identity.

At the moment the jews beat us because in the spiritual realm they are winning through their strong conviction and millions and millions of them are willing that the jew race would be the ruler of the world. They are willing through their daily prayer what stems from deep conviction, carried out almost in unison respectively to time zones.

That strong desire creates the group mind if you will and easily overcomes the ruined group mind of ours what is a fortress in shambles, the walls are compromised, the bastions are crumbling. Their plan called and calls for the destruction of Christianity and that is not and wasn’t an accident. I am not proselytizing here but pointing out the importance of the realm of spirituality.
Since our present understanding of the world, especially the spiritual, incorporeal components of it is inadequate, it comes down to either one believes it or one doesn’t.

Until we regroup and rebuild our egregore by starting to believe en masse in our victory by our daily willing with strong conviction, our chances are slim to win the battle.


techpriest Have “faith” in the scientific factual basis of how to thwart off their psychological warfare against your brain and emotional manipulations.


matthewfontaine Black “magic” is not “magic” at all.

Its scientific in nature and is better suited to be called “weaponized illusionism” no different than how “magicians” or illusionists trick you into thinking what you are seeing is “real”.

These are all psychological principles that are being manipulated and exploiting the target.

They are not performing voodoo.

They are using methods that are known to work but not known to even exist by the population by a % of 99.9% of said population.


Black operations fits into this category.

These operations are more widespread and more useful today now having full control of the media.

Total control is far better than moment to moment “bias”.


no_shit_sherlock said in Winning the Spiritual War:

Have “faith” in the scientific factual basis of how to thwart off their psychological warfare against your brain and emotional manipulations.

Oh, certainly, that works perfectly. That’s why kikes hate people being educated about kikes.
On that front everything is fine.

It’s just, for “grabbing” normies, the supernatural can be, or seems to be more helpful than rationality.
Confirmation bias and coincidence alone has significant psychological power over humans (and other lifeforms).

You can tell someone that “just because you saw a red squirrel twitching its tail before running off and then something good happened to you, doesn’t mean that’s connected”.

If that happens again a few times…then you can bet your bottom dollar that person will at least entertain the faintest notion of it working.

A reason why I do not believe in atheism, something always becomes a god. Including rationality, simply because, secularily speaking, we tend to do more of something that rewards us, and that thing can be anything. From a good harvest after you did some sort of ritual, or to extreme public dildoriffic praise when one’s a huge normie cuck getting applauded for betraying ones people or eroding customs and culture, etc.

Dressing things up as fully rational grasps people more weakly than “appealing” to the spiritual side fully.
This includes most atheists. Why? Because followers of a god tend to stick with a god. Atheism has many little gods living inside it.
That’s why most atheists would scoff at the idea that religion is, or at least appears intrinsic to humanity and that nurturing can be beneficial.
Were they fully rational and not already under a god of their own, then they would see at least a kernel of truth there.

But there’s the dilemma anyway, who really is fully rational? I’d almost say noone, and I only say almost because absolutes are tricky in these kinda things, hehe.

But it’s what I think, anyway. Rationality is a stable state tempered around beliefs, and I think that works even with science being pretty cold hard logic that doesn’t care for anyones feelings but that’s just me rambling.

Anyway, this includes psychology and co, again, I’m not discounting that. There is much legitimacy in the field of studying behavior and manipulating it.
Faith, I just think, is merely an intrinsic one that can be quite easily taken a hold of.


techpriest Yeah to be clear I am not pushing “atheism”. Overall I agree with your points.

My assessment is that the atheistic enemies we have are fully invested in having faith in their religious deity of…

Leftism and PC.

Anti whiteness is their religion.



The titanic forces - you said it right there. The concept of defeating each and every other racial category is indeed an impossible one. This is why the ethnostate concept, I believe coined by Spencer, is only so useful to us. The ethnostate should be one where we and our progeny are in power. But that’s looking too far forward. We should be concerned with day to day action, not over arching trends. Focus on the present. Instead of rebelling against and etheral “Jewish” menace, rebel against all authority, past and present. That includes the authority of our white forefathers who shortchanged us. Instead of being true to them in word, we should be true to them in spirit. Instead of being like them in appearance, we should be like them in thinking. They did want to preserve their genes, but this was not paramount to them. They also wanted to preserve their souls. And we too should preserve their souls in us, by fortifying it against the attacks of our enemy, God


Lol. Who is this fucking imbecile? He is running amok all over the place. I have to give it to him he is funny as fuck with his incoherent psychobabble.